1998 Certificate: 15


Transformers and Pearl Harbor director Michael Bay doesn't do small... and that certainly goes for the asteroid that's about to hit Earth in this colossal sci-fi blockbuster. With Earth about to come off worst in a cosmic collision, Bruce Willis and his team of oil-drilling roughnecks volunteer to intercept and destroy the rapidly approaching space rock. The fact that hotshot engineer Ben Affleck is dating his daughter (Liv Tyler) is just one of the many spanners in the works. A juicy 100% American action-burger with a side-order of cheesy rock, courtesy of Aerosmith.


  • Michael Bay


  • Ben Affleck

  • Bruce Willis

  • Liv Tyler

  • Billy Bob Thornton

  • Steve Buscemi


A comet the size of Texas is headed for Earth. In one of the film's few good lines, its discoverer says: 'I want to name it after my wife. It's a vicious, life-sucking bitch from which there's no escape.'

There's only one chance. Send for wildcatter Bruce Willis and his dirty dozen drillers (including Ben Affleck), put them up in space and let them sink a nuclear weapon into the comet.

'Talk about the wrong stuff,' gasps a NASA official as the unlikely saviours arrive. He's the wrong 'un, of course, but it's over two hours before that's proven and Willis's men can go home.

Trivia: The narrator's voice is that of Charlton Heston.