1998 Certificate: pg


Woody Allen works his unique neurotic magic on this animated escapade as 'Z', a lowly ant who has ambitions above his worker status. His big chance comes when he rescues the colony's beloved princess (Sharon Stone) from evil army ant General Mandible (Gene Hackman) who plots to seize power and take the princess for himself. A thrilling trip to Insectopia plus Woody's one-liners and amusing vocal turns from Sylvester Stallone and Christopher Walken provide the witty backbone of this invertebrate adventure.


  • Eric Darnell

  • Tim Johnson


  • Woody Allen

  • Sharon Stone

  • Gene Hackman

  • Sylvester Stallone

  • Christopher Walken

  • Danny Glover

  • Anne Bancroft


What a pleasure to see an old-fashioned Woody Allen film with a good few side-splitting lines. Woody - or rather his uniquely plaintive voice - is the glue that holds this decent cartoon feature together.

The title is actually Ant-Zee, Zee (Woody) being an ant currently in analysis from 'being the middle child in a family of five million'.

He's just one of the workers while, above, General Mandible (Gene Hackman) is plotting the extinction of workers and takeover of the colony, plus marriage to the Princess Bala (Sharon Stone) who just happens to be the ant Zee falls for at the local buzz bar.

When Zee (surviving a massacre by termites) and Bala find themselves on the run, they head for the legendary Insectopia... She despairs of finding it, whereupon Zee says: "Hey, leave the pessimism to me!"

Despite a star-studded voice cast, Woody, who must have written some of his own lines, is really the whole show in what he summarises as "just your boy meets girl, boy changes social order story".