2004 Certificate: 12


Will Ferrell made the leap from lesser-known scene stealer to Hollywood's leading lunatic as the macho news anchor whose position as the TV station's top dog comes under threat - from a woman! Christina Applegate is the ballsy broad who finds herself swimming against the tide of testosterone and 70s-era political incorrectness emanating from Ron and fellow newshounds Steve Carell, Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn and Paul Rudd. From bear-wrestling and jazz flute solos to news crew gang wars, it's as mad as a feminist in a strip joint. Legendary indeed.


  • Adam McKay


  • Will Ferrell

  • Christina Applegate

  • Steve Carell

  • Paul Rudd

  • David Koechner

  • Fred Willard


Imagine, if you can, a time before cable... when pork-chop sideburns and bushy moustaches were considered - not just acceptable - but compulsory and when people believed everything they heard on TV...

There was once a hero who hailed from San Diego, a newshound who was more man than most. His name? Ron Burgundy.

A comical brainchild from the vivid imagination of Will Ferrell, this romp-and-a-half leaves no rib untickled.

Having learnt his trade on Saturday Night Live (America's favourite sketch show) Ferrell has finally fulfilled his potential and blossomed from OTT character actor to the comic genius we knew he could be.

In Ron, Ferrell has created a character you can't help but love despite all of his machismo and annoying habits. Here's a guy who smokes during the ads, sips scotch during the sports report and parties like a college fresher when the cameras are off.

If truth be told, Ron's not much of a brain box and he thinks journalism is simply a case of looking his best and reading everything that's on the autocue - and I mean everything!

This aside, he still commands respect - from both the public and his co-workers - but that's all about to change as gorgeous and dangerously ambitious journalist Veronica Corningstone (Applegate) fulfils her dream of becoming the world's first female anchor.

It may roll along to a fairly predictable ending but this has to be the laugh-out-loud funniest comedy of the year.