1999 Certificate: 15


It don't look good when goodfellas get the jitters, so when neurotic mob boss Robert De Niro starts to have panic attacks, he expects psychiatrist Billy Crystal to cure him without nobody gettin' any the wiser - capische? The two stars have fun with the odd-couple routine, particularly De Niro who sends up his Godfather persona to winning effect. Lisa Kudrow finds herself wrapped up in the rat-a-tat capering as Crystal's exasperated wife.


  • Harold Ramis


  • Robert De Niro

  • Billy Crystal

  • Lisa Kudrow

  • Chazz Palminteri

  • Joe Viterelli


The relationship of analyst and patient has been played for laughs before, notably in What About Bob? But this one develops the theme into an action comedy.

Mobster Robert De Niro, beset by anxiety attacks, is headed for a breakdown. Society shrink Billy Crystal, about to marry Lisa Kudrow, is also booked for the couch once De Niro strolls into his practice.

'What am I gonna do' wails Crystal, 'make you a happy, well-adjusted gangster?' De Niro, alas, seems destined for an early grave: he's a dinosaur and big rival Chazz Palminteri is keen on extinction this year.

Told he must change with the times, De Niro snarls: 'What'd ya want - a website?' Taken with Crystal's abilities, he trails him everywhere, getting his henchman Jelly (marvellous Joe Viterelli) to halt Billy's wedding twice for instant consultancies.

This has to end in tears as well as bullets, and the expletive-packed results are on-off funny pretty well all the way.