1991 Certificate: u


The sequel to 1986's animated smash sees young Russian rodent Fievel Mousekewitz heading for a new life in the Wild West. John Cleese voices the feline foe who has our mouse hero scurrying for cover amongst the impressively rendered cartoon landscapes. The adventure is extra notable for being James Stewart's final (albeit unseen) feature performance as the voice of laid-back sheriff Wyatt Burp.


  • Phil Nibbelink

  • Simon Wells


  • Phillip Glasser

  • James Stewart

  • John Cleese

  • Amy Irving

  • Jon Lovitz


This delightful sequel to the 1986 hit follows our animated mouse heroes from the slums of New York to the glories of the Old West.

Escaping the clutches of local cats, the Russian immigrants head for the vast open spaces, only to find themselves at the mercy of villainous Cat R Waul (voiced by John Cleese).

Among a rich, eccentric cast, James Stewart provides the voice of lazy sheriff Wylie Burp and Dom DeLuise steps in as Tiger, Fievel's companion. Directors Phil Nibbelink and Simon Wells recapture the flavour of classic Westerns through vivid camerawork and a painstaking attention to detail.

From the gloomy streets of the East to the bright skies of the West, this provides young viewers with a lively and engaging portrait of American immigrant life.