1980 Certificate: 18


Richard Gere became a style icon in this seminal snapshot of the image-obsessed 80s from Taxi Driver writer Paul Schrader. He plays the narcissistic young escort whose services to older women put him in the frame for murder. A cool yet steamy modern noir, it had everyone getting their Gere off two years before An Officer And A Gentleman.


  • Paul Schrader


  • Richard Gere

  • Lauren Hutton

  • Hector Elizondo

  • Nina Van Pallandt


A strong, dark social thriller from Paul Schrader, writer of Taxi Driver.

The environment is redolent of Raymond Chandler, while the constant nighttime scenes of Richard Gere driving around poor and rich areas of a coastal city to grating, doomy music (by Giorgio Moroder) remind us that we're not that far removed from Taxi Driver itself.

Gere's 'hero' is the all-American hustler made good: he pleases rich women for rich rewards.

Where he comes unstuck - in a typical Schrader touch - is in accepting an 'unusual' assignment, one that leads to his being framed for murder.