2007 Certificate: u


The furry warblers - cocky Alvin, brainy Simon and goofy Theodore - get the CGI treatment in this familiar story of a pop sensation corrupted at the clutches of a cruel svengali (David Cross). The likeable Jason Lee plays the surrogate father who has to rescue the litte fellahs when they are put out on the road on a back-breaking global tour. One for anklebiters with a hankering for high-pitched pop parodies.


  • Tim Hill


  • David Cross

  • Janice Karman

  • Justin Long

  • Jason Lee


The little critters with the squeaky vocals have been making their own contribution to global tinnitis for around fifty years.

Originally on novelty record and latterly on the small screen, they've now been taken back to basics in this day-glo, big screen, live action yarn.

When we first meet Alvin (bolshie troublemaker), Simon (the speccy, bright one) and Theodore (the wimpy one), they're storing nuts up a tree in some idyllic national park.

Next thing you know, their arboreal gaff has been carted off to form part of the Christmas decorations at the HQ of Los Angeles music giant Jett Records.

At the same time song-writer Dave Seville (Lee) and his latest ditty are getting the brush-off from corporate bigwig Ian Hawke (Cross).

Sneaking a ride home with Dave, the chipmunks have to win him over with a song'n'dance routine after trashing his house in their neverending search for food.

Impressed (as you would be by a troupe of singing woodland animals), Dave writes a song for them and they are bewilderingly signed up by "Uncle Ian" and Jett Records.