2017 Certificate: 15


Director Ridley Scott picks up ten years after the events of Prometheus to unleash more xenomorphic terror on an unsuspecting universe. While transporting 2,000 colonists to a distant outpost, the crew of the spaceship Covenant is violently awoken seven years too soon. However, a signal from nearby planet suggests they may have found an equally suitable new home. But as well as finding evidence of civilisation and running into a familiar face, they discover that the place is also infested with the ultimate biohazard... Michael Fassbender provides a double dose of artificial intelligence as Scott expands on matters of life and grim death with spectacular visuals and enough suspense to make your chest burst.


  • Ridley Scott


  • Michael Fassbender

  • Katherine Waterston

  • Billy Crudup

  • Danny McBride

  • Callie Hernandez

  • Guy Pearce

  • James Franco