1996 Certificate: u


As Aladdin prepares to marry Princess Jasmine, the big day is interrupted when the notorious 40 Thieves storm the palace to steal the magical 'Hand of Midas'. Since the talisman is the key to the kingdom's wealth, Aladdin must go on a dangerous quest that may also reunite him with his long-lost father. After missing the fun of first sequel The Return of Jafar, Robin Williams' irrepressible Genie makes a triumphant comeback for a sparkling Arabian adventure that also sees the return of the parrot Iago and Aladdin's quieter but equally loyal friends Abu the monkey and Carpet the, er, carpet.


  • Tad Stones


  • Robin Williams

  • Brad Kane

  • Scott Weinger

  • Gilbert Gottfried

  • John Rhys-Davies