2013 Certificate: 12


Hollywood father-and-son Will and Jaden Smith team up to play a couple of astronauts stranded on Earth 1,000 years after mankind quit for more environmentally-friendly climes. With dad Cypher (Will Smith) trapped in their crashed spaceship, it's up to his son Kitai (Jaden) to trek through uncharted territory to retrieve their mayday beacon. Director M Night Shyamalan tries his hand at the sci-fi thriller in a survival romp that ropes in everything from chummy eagles to vicious aliens who can literally smell fear.


  • M Night Shyamalan


  • Will Smith

  • Jaden Smith

  • Isabelle Fuhrman

  • Zoe Kravitz

  • Glenn Morshower


Will Smith plays legendary grunt Cypher, a distinguished United Ranger Corps warrior who has discovered that the only way of beating mankind's alien nemesis - the Ursa - is by showing no fear.

During a final galactic mission, he is accompanied by his bolshie son Kitai (Smith Jnr), a greenhorn cadet who hasn't made it into the Ranger Corps (a bit like being rejected by the Scouts if you're a Cub) and is troubled by abandonment issues provoked by his martinet dad.

They're the only survivors after their ship is hit by a an asteroid storm...and are forced to crash land on Earth, a planet that has long since been abandoned to extreme temperatures and an animal kingdom which has evolved to kill man.

With Cypher laid up with two broken legs, it's up to Kitai to head off into the unknown in search of the mayday beacon in the crashed tail section that will alert the folks back home that they are alive and well.

After a series of duds, M Night Shyamalan is Smith's go-to director and the results are resoundingly competent with Kitai's journey distinguished by the odd genuine thrill including an aerial chase with an eagle and a climactic face-off with the dreaded Ursa.

Tim Evans