2013 Certificate: 12


- but a bad day for bad guys as Bruce Willis' ageing but still indestructible New York cop John McClane heads to Russia to help his estranged son Jack (Jai Courtney) out of a tight spot. What he doesn't realise is that Jack is part of a delicate CIA operation to bring down a rogue politician who plans to sell nukes to the world's terrorists. Still, when it all blows up in their faces, father and son can rely on each other to uphold the Die Hard family tradition of leaving no gun unfired, no vehicle unwrecked and no villain undead.


  • John Moore


  • Bruce Willis

  • Jai Courtney

  • Sebastian Koch

  • Cole Hauser

  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead

  • Megalyn Echikunwoke


Things begins traditionally enough, with Willis' urban cowboy John McClane pitching up as usual at the right time in the wrong place.

This time it's Moscow, where his grown-up son Jack (Courtney) is about to appear in court alongside a reformed uranium thief Komorov (Sebastian Koch), who is about to dish the dirt on his old partner Chagarin (Sergei Kolesnikov), now a leading politician.

Naturally, Chagarin isn't about to let this happen. Sure enough, John hasn't been in town half an hour before the courthouse is reduced to rubble, Jack has been exposed as a CIA spook and, thanks to John's intervention, Moscow's main ring road has become one giant scrap heap.

Three years of undercover work down the Volga. Cheers, Dad.

Still, at least they have Komarov, who promises to give up a file (there's always a file) containing Chagarin's nuclear misdeeds in exchange for safe passage out of Russia for he and his beloved, vampy daughter (Yulia Snigir).

Without the file, Chagarin's inexorable rise to power will result in a new age of nuclear terrorism. But since the CIA have cut them loose, the McClane boys must save the world on their own - and bickering isn't going to help.

But a car boot full of automatic weapons will come in very handy...