2011 Certificate: 15


Slacker pizza delivery man Nick (Jesse Eisenberg) finds himself robbing a bank with a bomb strapped to his chest when he's involuntarily recruited by a couple of lame-brained losers. Seeking help from his reluctant buddy Chet (Ansari), he's got to get the loot to a thick-headed hitman before the device reduces him to hot fat. Director Ruben Fleischer demonstrates that Zombieland was no fluke in this fast-moving comedy that can an only be admired for a heist that takes its inspiration from Point Break.


  • Ruben Fleischer


  • Jesse Eisenberg

  • Aziz Ansari

  • Danny McBride

  • Nick Swardson

  • Michael Pena


It's one thing to rob a bank...but quite another to do so with several slabs of high-explosive strapped to your body with a hotline to a mobile phone manned by a nutter.

That's the quandary Cedar Rapids pizza man Nick (Eisenberg) finds himself in after he's press-ganged into hitting a local bank by dim-bulb wannabe crimmo (and nutter) Dwayne (McBride).

Dwayne needs $100,000 to pay a hitman to take out his dad, an army veteran and less than generous lottery winner, who has no intention of sharing the spoils with his fat, useless son.

Apart from the explosives waistcoat, Nick's got his own problems - he's fallen out with his best buddy, supply teacher Aziz (Ansari), after he slept with his sister...but needs his help if the heist is going to work out. Secondly, he's got a rubbish getaway car.

Modelling their hold-up on the plot of Point Break, Nick and Aziz find events spiralling out of control with the arrival of slow-witted hitman Changa (Pena) and the kidnap of Aziz's sister Kate (Vadsaria).

Ignore the plot (and director Ruben Fleischer seems to) because most of the enjoyment here is derived from the hysterical interaction between Nick, Aziz, Dwayne and his even-more-witless sidekick Travis (Swardson).

The action - particularly one of the worst car chases in recent memory - is staged with a knowing elan (and Glenn Frey's The Heat Is On from Beverly Hills Cop) while the dialogue crackles along as the story gathers pace.

It's all about the characters and - thankfully - they're good ones. In fact, you're glad they're not Gone in Sixty Seconds.

Tim Evans