2013 Certificate: 15


The night before his big medical school interview, promising student Jeff Chang (Justin Chon) celebrates his 21st birthday with his buddies Casey (Skylar Astin) and party animal Miller (Miles Teller). However, after a shot too many, they need to get paralytic Jeff home... via the gauntlet of irate Latina sorority girls, musclebound jocks and Jeff's draconian dad. Adolescent japes from the writers of The Hangover.


  • Jon Lucas

  • Scott Moore


  • Justin Chon

  • Skylar Astin

  • Miles Teller

  • Sarah Wright

  • Jonathan Keltz


In the first few minutes of this laddish chronicle of fratboy naughtiness Justin Chon's medical student has stood on a bar and urinated on a crowd before projectile vomiting while being tossed around on a mechanical bull.

No, it's not the director's cut of Lincoln. Or even Lincoln: The College Years.

It's the directorial debut of Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, the writers of The Hangover... yet it boasts none of that movie's inspired slapstick, razor sharp lines or genuinely likeable characters.

Chon plays Jeff Chang, a straight-A student who celebrates his 21st birthday on the eve of a make-or-break interview for medical school engineered by his ambitious, authoritarian father.

So the last thing he needs is two buddies - party-lovin' college drop-out Miller (Teller) and the slightly-more-sober Casey (Astin) - rolling up to drag him out on a night on the tiles.

Just hours later Jeff - now an alcohol-sodden wreck with a bear glued to his nether regions - has to unconsciously count on Casey and Miller to get him home and sobered up for his crucial appointment.

There's a slight whiff of desperation as Miller repetitively spits out offensive lines (racism, homophobia and misogyny score highly) yet few of his outpourings prove to be particularly droll.

In a contrived trip to get Jeff to bed, the trio run the gauntlet of aggrieved Latina college girls (they upset them in manner that many would construe sexual assault), a psychotic alpha-male frat boy and an angry buffalo (echoing The Hangover's tiger).

Yet they are not a junior version of the Wolfpack but a rather dreary trio whose attempt to inject a little pathos (Chang, apparently, is near suicidal thanks to his workload) is probably the funniest thing here.

Simply put, with friends like these, who needs enemas?