2000 Certificate: u


Yes, you'll be seeing even more spots before your eyes as despicable dog-napper Cruella De Vil (Glenn Close) returns to have another go at making her fantasy fur coat. Freed from prison, Cruella finds a perfectly nasty partner in French fur trader Monsieur Le Pelt (Gerard Depardieu) before hatching a plan to turn Pongo and Perdita's army of pups into her next winter collection. Why does she need 102? Because now she wants a hood, of course. A suitably slapsticky follow-up to the four-hundred-and-four-legged hit.


  • Kevin Lima


  • Glenn Close

  • Gerard Depardieu

  • Alice Evans

  • Ioan Gruffudd

  • Tim McInnerny


During her time inside, the eccentric Dr Pavlov has managed to take the Cruel out of Cruella but, deep down, she still has the same doggy-snatching, murderous instincts and it's not long before she drops her new persona to reveal a lady even more mean and terrifying than before.

The ex-convict's parole officer is a bouncy blonde, Alice Evans (Chloe), who is sceptical of Cruella's reform.

When the behaviour modification spell is broken, her suspicions are proven frighteningly accurate.

Chloe is ready to go to any lengths to save her new-born Dalmatians, who appear to be the object of Cruella's desire for the ultimate spotty fur coat.

This sequel will please those who loved the elaborate costumes, hair-dos and facial expressions of Cruella the first time round.

Close is as deliciously outrageous as in the original, and will frighten children and delight adults.

The puppies are cute and don't talk, which will make the whole experience of sitting through the film bearable for the whole family - perhaps even pleasurable.

Eric Idle brings some credible comedy moments as the voice of a talking parrot, and Gruffudd and Evans are attractive as the 'good humans'.

A classic moment comes when they re-inact the spaghetti-eating scene from Lady And The Tramp.