It's our aim on Sky Movies to keep our channels packed with as many fresh hits and hidden treasures as we can get - from this year to yesteryear. Alas, that means we have to make room in our schedules and bid farewell to some of the movies that have had their time in the sun.

So to make sure you don't miss out, check the list below for the ones that are getting away over the coming weeks. But remember, you don't have to wait for the movies' final showing on the channels -you can often catch them for a while longer On Demand.

Wednesday 28 January
​​Basic Instinct - Showcase
​​Beautiful Creatures (2013) - Showcase
​​She Wants Me - Drama & Romance
​​Struck By Lightning - Comedy
​​Deja Vu (pictured) - Action & Adventure

Thursday 29 January
​​Burning Man - Select

Saturday 31 January
​​The Love Bug - Disney
​​Oz: The Great And Powerful - Showcase

Saturday 6 February
​​Zero Dark Thirty - Showcase

Sunday 7 February
​​The Marine 3: Homefront - Showcase
​​Tinker Bell And The Secret Of The Wings - Disney

Thursday 12 February
​​The Liability - Showcase

Sunday 15 February
​​This Is 40 - Drama & Romance

Monday 16 February
​​Mama - Showcase

Friday 20 February
​​Sammy's Great Escape - Family

Saturday 21 February
​​Flatliners - Crime & Thriller

Sunday 22 February
​​Cinderella Man - Select

Monday 23 February
​​First Kid - Disney

Wednesday 25 February
​​The Jungle Book - Disney

Thursday 26 February
​​The Odd Life Of Timothy Green - Disney

Friday 27 February
​​Gattaca - Select

Saturday 28 February
​The Little Mermaid - Disney
​​Disney's A Christmas Carol - Disney
​​A Good Day To Die Hard - Action & Adventure
​​Tootsie - Drama & Romance
​​Giant - Drama & Romance
​Legends Of The Fall - Oscars
​​The Three Caballeros - Disney
​​I Against I - Showcase