It's our aim on Sky Movies to keep our channels packed with as many fresh hits and hidden treasures as we can get - from this year to yesteryear. Alas, that means we have to make room in our schedules and bid farewell to some of the movies that have had their time in the sun.

So to make sure you don't miss out, check the list below for the ones that are getting away over the coming weeks. But remember, you don't have to wait for the movies' final showing on the channels -you can often catch them for a while longer On Demand.

Friday 22 May
​​Millions - Drama & Romance
​​Someone Marry Barry - Comedy

Sunday 24 May
​The Fast And The Furious (pictured) - Crime & Thriller​
2 Fast 2 Furious - Crime & Thriller
​​The Fast And The Furious: Tokyo Drift - Crime & Thriller
​Delhi Safari - Family

Monday 25 May
​Secretariat - Disney

Tuesday 26 May
​​The Great Gatsby (2013) - Drama & Romance
​​The Brass Teapot - Drama & Romance

Wednesday 27 May
​​Before Midnight - Select
​​Racing With The Moon - Drama & Romance

Thursday 28 May
​​Toy Story OF TERROR! - Disney
​​Kramer Vs Kramer - Drama & Romance
​​Hammer Of The Gods - Showcase
​​Crawlspace - Showcase

Friday 29 May
​​Being Flynn - Showcase
​​The Peacemaker - Action & Adventure
​​Roxanne - Drama & Romance

Saturday 30 May
​The Man With Two Brains - Comedy

Wednesday 3 June
​​Outlaw - Great Brits
​​This Is The End - Sci-Fi & Horror

Friday 5 June
​​The Hangover Part III - Comedy

Sunday 7 June
​National Treasure: Book Of Secrets - Family

Wednesday 10 June
​Love And Honor - Showcase

Monday 15 June
​​The Smurfs 2 - Family

Thursday 18 June
​​Love Actually - Great Brits

Friday 19 June
​Antichrist - Select

Saturday 20 June
​​Man Of Steel - Great Brits
​​The Purge - Sci-Fi & Horror

Sunday 21 June
​​To Kill A Mockingbird - Crime & Thriller
​​Black Hawk Down - Crime & Thriller

Tuesday 23 June
​​Peter Pan (2003) - Family
​​The Rocketeer - Disney