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  • This page contains key facts (below) as well as links to some important information about your subscriptions and our services in the United Kingdom, including the terms and conditions that apply to the services you receive from us. Please select the appropriate link from the list on the left to be taken to the relevant document or webpage.

    If you have any questions or want to talk to us about any of this, please contact us by Live Chat, phone or email.


    General Information

    • Minimum terms apply to each of your Sky TV, Sky+, Sky HD, Multiscreen, Broadband and Talk services. The length of the minimum terms is as specified when you order your services and will be confirmed by us in writing.

    • In your minimum term TV/Sky+/Sky HD and Multiscreen prices may increase once by up to 10% of the standard price or the increase in the UK Retail Price Index, whichever is greater. Other prices (including for Talk and Broadband) and your services may also vary. We will let you know about any material changes before we make them. If we increase your monthly subscription price for Sky Broadband, Talk or Line Rental you may cancel your subscription without early termination charge. Details of call rates and optional charges can be found on sky.com.

    • If you end your TV/Talk/Broadband contracts in your minimum term, you will have to pay us an early termination charge. We may charge this to the card you used to pay for your set up or upfront payment.

    • Your cancellation rights will be sent to you with your full terms and conditions. You can cancel your services at any time in your cooling off period.

    • We will charge you an extra 50p per month if you pay by continuous credit or debit card mandate.

    • We will bill you monthly in advance for all your subscription services. Other charges, such as Sky Box Office, Sky Store or non-inclusive call charges will be billed in arrears. Any offers will be shown on your statement.

    • You can view your bill at least 14 days before your monthly payment due date, make payments and manage your account online through My Sky, the Sky Service App or via interactive on your Sky box.

    • We will send you confirmation of your Direct Debit agreement.

    • Information on how we deal with complaints and options for alternative dispute resolution, can be found in our 'Complaints Code of Practice' which you will find by visiting ‘Complaints’ in the My Sky section of sky.com or by going to http://help.sky.com/articles/sky-customer-complaints-code-of-practice.

    • You must get any necessary consent before installation, for example, planning or landlord permission.

    • Your Sky services are for domestic use only.

    • If, from information you have provided, fraud is identified, details will be passed to fraud prevention agencies to prevent fraud and money laundering. We can provide you with further details explaining how the information held by these agencies may be used.


    Sky TV, HD, Multiscreen and Sky+

    • As a Sky Multiscreen customer, if you have home broadband any internet enabled Sky box you have must be connected to your router if we have provided the equipment you need to connect e.g. an On Demand connector. Non-standard set-up may cost extra e.g. it requires additional cabling, brackets or mounts.

    • If your block of flats has a communal satellite dish, you will not be able to receive full Sky+ functionality unless you have more than one satellite connection in your flat.

    • You will need a Sky+ subscription (free to Sky TV customers) to use the recording and other Sky+ features.


    Freesat from Sky

    • Freesat from Sky viewing card can only be used in the UK, Channel Islands or Isle of Man.

    • For security reasons viewing cards may be replaced from time to time. If this happens you will have to buy a new viewing card to see some free to view channels.


    On Demand

    • On Demand requires a compatible Sky +HD box. Time to start viewing depends on your broadband download speed, a minimum 2Mbps is recommended. On Demand downloads count towards any broadband usage cap you have (including the 2GB cap for Sky Broadband Lite.


    Sky Go Extra

    • Once your Sky TV is active it may take up to 24 hours to enable Sky Go Extra. Downloads are not available on games consoles or via 3G.


    Sky Broadband

    • You must keep the Sky Broadband Product you have chosen for the duration of your minimum term.

    • Your Sky Broadband price will increase by £5 per month if you cancel Sky Talk.

    • Sky Broadband Lite has a 2GB monthly usage allowance. If you go over your usage cap twice in any six month period you will be upgraded to Sky Broadband Unlimited. We will send you alerts before this happens.

    • Sky Fibre has a 25GB usage allowance. If you exceed the allowance twice in any six months, you’ll be upgraded to Sky Fibre Unlimited. We’ll send you alerts before this happens.

    • Sky Broadband Connect has no monthly usage allowance. Subject to a fair use policy which may affect speeds between 5pm and midnight.

    • The speed check given to you is an estimate of the maximum line speed that your line may receive. Your actual speed is likely to be lower because it is influenced by factors including: the quality of your internal phone line wiring, network capacity and the number of customers on the network or any particular website at any one time. If it’s significantly lower than the estimate you should contact Sky. Please leave your Sky Hub turned on for the first ten days. That way, we can test different broadband speeds and settings on your line. During these first ten days you may notice some variations in speed and your connection may be intermittent at times - this is normal.

    • If your actual Access Line Speed is significantly below your Guaranteed Minimum Access Line Speed estimate provided, and if the steps we recommend cannot resolve the problem, you can leave your contract without penalty within 3 months of your broadband activation in accordance with Ofcom’s Voluntary Code of Practice on Broadband Speeds.

    • If you need a MAC and were unable to provide one at point of sale, there is a risk that the local exchange may have run out of availability when you call back with your MAC. In which case, we will be able to offer you Sky Connect at £17pm instead.


    Sky Talk

    • With Sky Talk Weekends you get inclusive weekend calls of up to one hour to UK 01, 02, 03 and 0870 numbers.

    • With Sky Talk Anytime UK you get inclusive calls of up to an hour to UK 01 02, 03, 0870 and 0845 numbers.

    • With Sky Talk Anytime International you get inclusive calls of up to an hour to UK 01 02, 03, 0870 and 0845 numbers plus selected international geographic landline destinations (also includes calls to mobiles in Canada and the USA).

    • Unless you are a cable customer with Virgin Media, you do not need to contact your existing provider to tell them you are switching your telephone or broadband service. We will do this on your behalf. If we have informed you that you need a MAC to switch your broadband service you will need to contact your existing provider to obtain this.

    • If you are switching from a cable provider you will need to contact them in order to cancel your talk services if you are unable to keep your telephone number and to cancel your broadband services.

    • Your Sky Talk service may activate within 24 hours. If you get a dial tone before receiving any correspondence from us, call 17070 to find out your new number.

    • Remotely monitored security alarms, social alarms and Telecare services use your phone line. If you have one of these, it is your responsibility to ensure it is compatible. If you experience problems with your service, you should contact us on 03442 414141 to investigate the issue.


    Sky Network

    • If we indicate that your services will be provided on the Sky Network (i.e. you ordered Sky Broadband Lite, Unlimited or Fibre) it means that if you cancel or switch either your broadband or talk service to another provider, both your services will be cancelled and a reactivation charge may apply.


    Broadband Installation and New Line Orders

    • If you book an engineer visit you must contact us before 3.30pm on the working day before the installation date to re-arrange or cancel your appointment. If you fail to do so or you miss or fail to make the necessary arrangements for your appointment to take place, we will retain your installation fee and a charge may apply for another appointment.

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