Customers' Frequently Asked Questions

  • Customer Offers FAQs

    How do I get the offers?

    • To claim any offers online, you need to register or sign in in to your Sky account to reveal the offers open to you and add your chosen products to your basket.

  • TV Upgrades FAQs

    How do I upgrade my Sky TV bundle ?

    • 1. Sign in to your account
      You can use either your Sky iD or your viewing card details.

      2. Decide what you want to watch
      You can then choose to take the Variety Bundle or the Family Bundle, Sky Movies, Sky Sports and/or award winning Sky Broadband and Talk with Sky Line Rental.

      3. Upgrade or add more boxes
      You can also elect to upgrade your box or get an additional box with Sky Multiscreen.

      4. Go to checkout
      When you've added the products you're after, go to our secure checkout to complete your order.

  • What channels are in Sky Movies 1&2?

    • With hundreds of new films added a year before most online subscription services and over 1000 movies available on demand, Sky Movies makes it easy to find the perfect film. You'll get weekly premieres and 11 dedicated channels, including our exclusive Sky Movies Disney.

      Sky Movies 11 dedicated channels: 

      • Sky Movies Premiere
      • Sky Movies Disney
      • Sky Movies Comedy
      • Sky Movies Family
      • Sky Movies Drama & Romance
      • Sky Movies Showcase
      • Sky Movies Greats
      • Sky Movies Action & Adventure
      • Sky Movies Crime & Thriller
      • Sky Movies Sci Fi & Horror
      • Sky Movies Select

      These channels are all available in HD when you also take the Family Bundle and the HD Pack.  


      Find out what's on Sky Movies this month.

  • What’s in Sports 1 and 2 and Sky Sports?

    • Sports 1 contains access to Sky Sports 1 and Sky Sports 5.

      Sports 2 contains access to Sky Sports 2 and Sky Sports 5. 

      The Sports Pack contains all seven Sky Sports channels:

      Sky Sports 1

      Sky Sports 2

      Sky Sports 3

      Sky Sports 4

      Sky Sports 5

      Sky Sports News HQ

      Sky Sports F1®

      And now you could watch free Sky Sports on the Go wherever you are in the UK or Republic of Ireland, with Sky Go

      Find out what's on Sky Sports this month.

  • What channels are in the TV bundles?

    • The Original Bundle includes:
      A superb blend of all-round family entertainment – enjoy new and classic drama and comedy series, sci-fi, game shows and more, on channels including Sky1, Sky Living, Comedy Central and FOX plus Sky Atlantic. You'll also get Sky Arts and more - in all you can choose from over 35 channels.

      You will also have access to the most comprehensive Catch Up TV service in the UK as standard, plus you can watch live TV channels on the move with Sky Go - all in line with your Sky TV package.

      Find out more from the Original Bundle page.

      The Variety Bundle includes:
      You'll get all the channels from the Original Bundle, plus a whole host of other channels, coming to over 75 channels in all.

      Learn from your television with fascinating history and nature documentaries – a discoverer's dream. Immerse yourself in channels including History, National Geographic and Discovery.

      There's food, fashion, art and design: all you need to keep up with the world of style and culture with channels including Sky Arts.

      Catch breaking news and events as they happen. Stay in touch with 24 hour coverage from leading news channels including Sky News, Sky Sports News HQ, Fox News and CNBC Europe, and tune in to a selection of sporting events on British Eurosport and Extreme Sports.

      Keep the kids occupied with movies, cartoons and educational shows they can learn from with the Variety Bundle. They'll love the channels on offer, including the Disney Channel, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network.

      A must for music lovers. From pop, rock, dance and hip hop, get the best tunes, videos and interviews on MTV Music and more.

      You will also have access to the most comprehensive Catch Up TV service in the UK as standard, plus you can watch live TV channels on the move with Sky Go - all in line with your Sky TV package.

      Find out more from the Variety Bundle page.

      The Family Bundle

      You'll get all the channels from the Variety Bundle, plus over 50 entertainment channels in HD. You will also have access to the most comprehensive Catch Up TV service in the UK as standard, plus Box Sets on demand in HD. You will also get access to entertainment shows on Sky 3D, as well as live TV channels as well as Box Sets on the move with Sky Go.

      Find out more from the Family Bundle page.

      Will I receive any other channels?
      Yes.  With the Original Bundle, the Variety Bundle and the Family Bundle, you'll automatically receive over 200 free-to-air TV and radio channels, including all the main Freeview channels and your BBC, ITV (England & Wales only) and Channel 4 favourites.

  • What's on MUTV, Chelsea TV and/or LCFTV and how do I get them?

    • MUTV shows live Reserves & Academy matches, plus match day build-up and hourly news bulletins.

      Chelsea TV boasts every Barclays Premier League and UEFA Champions League fixture in full, daily news updates and one-on-ones with your favourite players with our live player phone-ins.

      MUTVChelsea TV and LFCTV are available as individual channels subscriptions for £7 extra a month each - just sign in and add to your basket.

  • How can I speed up my upgrade order?

    • If you've ordered a bundle upgrade, but continue to see an error message asking you to upgrade when you attempt to access one of the channels included in your new bundle, you can manually speed up your upgrade.

  • How do I cancel or downgrade my Sky TV bundle?

    • If you wish to leave Sky, you will need to provide 31 days notice if you cancel or downgrade your package. Please call Sky Customer Services on 03442 414 141.

      If you don't want to leave Sky, but you're not happy with your current package, we can help you choose channels and services that are right for you and your budget on 03442 414 141.

  • Box Upgrade FAQs

    How do I upgrade my box(es)?

    • To upgrade your current box, sign in to find out which boxes are available to you, choose the box you would like to upgrade to and then go to our secure checkout to complete your order.


  • What is self set-up and how do I get it?

    • The self set-up option is available online when you are upgrading your current white Sky+ box to a Sky+HD or a Sky+HD 2TB box. You will be sent your new box and instructions on how to install it yourself, rather than having an engineer visit. If you have a black Sky+HD box and wish to upgrade with the self set-up option you will need to place your order by phone.

      If you have chosen the self set-up option for your Sky+HD box, simply follow our simple step-by-step guide and you'll be watching HD TV in no time.

  • Can I choose a time slot for engineer set-up?

    • When you are booking your installation you will be able to choose from a list of available dates. We will do our best to install Sky on the date you select and will confirm the date by email once your order has been processed.

      If available, you can request a morning or afternoon installation time when you place your order, either between 8am and 1pm, or between 12pm and 5pm otherwise our 'all-day call' policy applies. Our engineer will arrive on site during the time period requested but the installation may continue past that. You don't need to call us to confirm your appointment unless you need to rearrange it or we have your details listed incorrectly.

  • Can I watch programmes in high definition?

    • If you have an HD-ready TV and either a Sky HD Multiscreen box, a Sky+HD box or our 2TB box, you are able to watch free-to-air HD channels. To access Sky's range of HD programming, you will need the Family Bundle.

      The HD channels you can watch depend on your Sky TV subscription. If you also have Sports and Movies channels, you'll need to upgrade to the HD Pack to receive those channels in high definition.

      If you have or would like Sky Multiscreen as well, the Family Bundle covers the whole home.

  • Can I watch programmes in high definition on a Sky+HD box?

    • If you have an HD ready TV, you are able to watch free-to-air HD channels using your Sky+HD box.

      To access Sky’s range of HD programming, you will need to subscribe to Sky Entertainment Extra+ for £32 a month (additional box cost and set-up may apply). The HD channels you can watch depend on your Sky TV subscription. If you have or would like Sky Multiscreen as well, Sky Entertainment Extra+ covers the whole home.

  • Can I get a replacement box rather than an upgrade?

    • If there is a fault with your Sky box which you are not responsible for we can replace it with the same box. However if the fault does not lie with Sky you will need to order and pay for a replacement.

  • Sky Multiscreen FAQs

    Can I watch different channels in another room with Sky Multiscreen?

    • Yes, you can watch different Sky channels in another room at the same time, allowing different members of the household to get the most out of the hundreds of channels on Sky.

      Your Sky Multiscreen subscription mirrors your chosen channel package - so you'll get all the same great channels you currently enjoy on another TV for just £11.25 extra a month per additional box (additional box cost and set-up applies). One HD Pack now covers the whole home, so if you have or would like to take Sky Multiscreen, you just need an HD ready box and TV in another room to access the same HD channels you already enjoy.

      Sky Box Office films and other events need to be viewed on the set top boxes they are ordered on.

  • How many Sky boxes can I have running from one dish?

    • Your satellite dish can support up to eight "feeds" and the total number of boxes depends on the type you're using. Each Sky and SkyHD box requires a single feed/cable from the satellite and a separate Sky Multiscreen subscription, costing £11.25 per month.

      Sky+ and Sky+HD boxes each require two feeds/cables as they both allow you to watch one channel whilst recording another at the same time. Here are some examples of the types of combinations:

      • 8 standard Sky digital boxes showing live content
      • 8 Sky HD Multiscreen boxes showing live content
      • 2 Sky HD Multiscreen boxes and 3 Sky+ or Sky+HD boxes
      • 4 Sky+HD or Sky+ boxes recording one show and watching another
      • 1 Sky+HD or Sky+ box and 6 standard Sky digital boxes
  • Where in the home can I install Sky Multiscreen?

    • Sky Multiscreen can be installed in up to eight rooms in your home - as long as you can connect all your Sky boxes to a power supply and the same working telephone line you can enjoy Sky wherever you want to watch.

  • Are Sky Active and On Demand available with Sky Multiscreen?

    • Sky Active is available with all boxes. Sky TV customers with the most recent Sky+HD boxes and compatible black Sky+ boxes can unlock all our On Demand features by connecting their box to any broadband router.

      Watch some of the best TV from the last 7 days on our Catch Up service plus hours of great on demand entertainment. Choose from full series box sets, kids' shows and more (as well as hundreds of movies if you have Sky Movies 1 & 2) ready to watch when you are, right on your TV . All at no extra monthly cost to your Sky TV subscription.

  • Sky Broadband & Talk FAQs

    How can I add Sky Broadband and Talk?

    • If you have an active, BT-compatible landline you should be able to add great value broadband and calls from Sky.

      Once you have signed in to your account, simply enter your telephone number into our landline checker and we'll let you know what products are available.

      If you don't have a BT compatible landline it's easy to switch to Sky - find out more from our Switching to Sky page.

  • How do I switch from another broadband provider to Sky?

    • If you are currently a cable customer or don't have an active, BT compatible phone line, you can use our postcode checker to check availability in your area.  We'll make it easy to switch to Sky Broadband online, even if you are a cable customer or don’t currently have an active BT landline.

      If you currently have a BT phone line you can keep your existing phone and we can help you move to Sky with our simple Switching Guide.

  • What if I'm not in a Sky Broadband network area?

    • We're continually expanding the network, through which we provide our broadband products, and this has already reached many, but not all parts of the country.

      If our network hasn't reached where you live, you can still get Sky Broadband Connect, which is available almost everywhere.

  • Can I upgrade my Sky Broadband package even after I have ordered Connect?

    • If you have ordered Sky Broadband Connect because Everyday Lite and Unlimited were sold out in your area, and you are in a Sky network area, we will automatically upgrade you to our Sky Broadband Unlimited service when it becomes available. 

      The Unlimited service is the most equivalent package with a download speed of up to 20Mb, upload speed of up to 1.3Mb and unlimited usage allowance.

  • How do I switch to Sky Talk?

    • Switching to Sky Talk is easy for Sky TV customers. If you currently have a BT phone line you can keep your number and handset, and we can help you move to Sky whatever your current situation.

      It takes about two weeks to switch, but we’ll confirm exact times with you when you order. Once you've ordered, we will carry out the switch automatically, you don't need to do anything.

  • Will I get another phone bill?

    • If you have kept your line rental with BT, you will continue to receive a bill from them as normal. Your call charges will simply be added to your Sky bill.

      If you have opted for our Sky Line Rental as well as a Sky Talk package then both your line rental and calls will be added to your Sky TV bill.

  • Who will maintain and service my telephone line?

    • If you pay BT for your line rental then they will continue to service your line.

      If you have our Sky Line Rental then this will be serviced through Sky.

  • How do I upgrade my Sky Broadband and/or Sky Talk package?

    • Simply sign in to your account, add the service you’d like and go to checkout.

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