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    Available to all Sky TV customers with a compatible Sky+HD box.

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Sky Store

  • What do I get?

  • The latest blockbusters ready to watch in Sky Store. Just buy or rent them whenever you want.

    Watch movies in Sky Store at the touch of a button, using your Sky remote.

    We add the biggest movies every week, so there’s always something great to buy or rent. You don't even need a Sky Movies subscription - Sky Store is open to all Sky TV customers.

    Now you can get movies straight to your TV in stunning HD and the DVD direct to your home.

  • Sky Store just got even better

    You can already rent many of the latest and greatest movies from Sky Store - and now you can buy movies to keep forever.

    Building the ultimate movie collection just got easier. With the new Buy & Keep service, you can now watch the latest blockbusters and save them straight to your Sky+HD box. For keeps.

    Plus, we'll send you the original DVD in the post to add to your collection.

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  • It's easy to buy
    or rent movies

    First, make sure your Sky+HD box is connected to your home broadband network and select Sky Store on your Homepage.

    Once inside, you can choose movies in HD to buy or rent from New Releases, Most Popular, Action, Comedy, Family, and more - it’s up to you.

    • How do I get Sky Store?

    Not a Sky TV customer? No problem. You can rent movies at skystore.com, or on NOW TV, Roku and YouView boxes.

    Sky TV, compatible Buy & Keep Sky+HD box with a fast enough broadband (minimum recommended connection speed 2Mbps) and phone connection required. Sky Store content costs extra.

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New Buy & Keep

Movies straight to your TV and get the DVD in the post.

Sky Store: What's on?
Sky Store: What's on?

See what's available to buy or rent on Sky Store this month.

How do I get Sky Store?
How do I get Sky Store?

To watch movies in Sky Store, simply connect your compatible Sky+HD box to your broadband.

Get Sky Store
Get Sky Store

Buy and rent movies direct to a compatible Sky+HD box.

Available with any Sky TV bundle when you connect your Sky+HD box to your broadband.

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