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    Available to all Sky TV customers with a compatible Sky+HD box.

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How do I get Sky Store?

  • To use Sky Store first make sure your Sky+HD box is connected to your home broadband network, and select Sky Store on your homepage. Once inside, you can choose movies in HD to buy or rent.

    There are three ways to connect and you can do so with any broadband provider.

    See how to connect

    Watch our simple video to find out how to connect your compatible Sky+HD box to your broadband.

  • Setting up Sky+ Setting up Sky+
  • Option 1: <br />On Demand Connector Option 1:
    On Demand Connector
  • Option 2: Sky+HD with built-in Wi-Fi Option 2: Sky+HD with built-in Wi-Fi
  • Option 3: <br />Wired connection Option 3:
    Wired connection
  • Now you're connected Now you're connected
  • Setting up Sky+

    It's easy to get started with Sky+. First, you need to check if you have a compatible Sky+HD box.

    Then, press 'tv guide' on your Sky remote and select Catch Up TV. If you're not connected, you'll see a message asking you to connect your Sky+HD box to broadband (like the image on the right).

    Click the tabs above to see the three ways you can connect.

    • Help me set up my on demand service
    • Fix my on demand service
  • Get an On Demand Connector

    If your compatible Sky+HD box and broadband router are in different rooms, or you'd rather avoid wires, you can connect them wirelessly with our On Demand Connector.

    If you are new to Sky TV, or already have one of our newer Sky+HD boxes with built-in Wi-Fi (look for the WPS button), then you won't need one.

    • Get an On Demand Connector
  • Our best ever Sky+HD boxes
    with built-in Wi-Fi

    Our latest boxes mean you can connect to your broadband router simply by pressing the WPS button on your box and your router, or by entering your Wi-Fi password.

    This means that your Sky+HD box and broadband router don’t need to be in the same room.

    • More about the new Sky+HD boxes
    • Find out more about setting up
  • Setting up a wired connection

    If your Sky+HD box is next to your broadband router, you can connect them using a wire.

    All you need is an Ethernet cable, available from Sky or from most electrical shops, and you can start watching even more great entertainment.

    • Get an Ethernet cable
    • Find out more about setting up
  • Now you're connected

    Simply choose Catch Up TV from the Homepage.

    Once you're connected you'll see all the different channels available in Catch Up TV, which you get at no extra cost.

    Now, just download a show and start enjoying the world of on demand entertainment you’ve just opened up.

    Do you need any more help with setting up?

Frequently asked questions

How do I buy a movie through my compatible Sky+HD box?

  • It’s easy - just go to Sky Store then Buy & Keep. Here’s how:

    1. Press TV Guide on your Sky remote followed by the red button for the on demand menu.
    2. Use the left/right arrows to highlight Sky Store, then press select.
    3. In Buy & Keep, select the movie you’d like to buy.
    4. Enter your Sky TV PIN to buy your movie. If you haven’t set up your PIN or have forgotten it, read our find out how to set up or reset your Sky TV PIN FAQ.

How do I pay for a movie?

  • We add all Buy & Keep movies to your monthly Sky bill. You’ll see this in the section of your bill called Sky Box Office under Sky Store - Buy & Keep.

How can I watch the movies I buy?

  • Once you buy your movie, it will start downloading to your compatible Sky+HD box immediately and will be stored in your Planner as well as in the Purchased tab, ready to watch whenever you want.

    You can pause, resume and change the order of your on demand downloads in the Download tab. You’ll get the DVD by post typically within five working days or within five days of the movie’s official DVD release date if it’s available as an early release in Sky Store.

    If you have an email address linked to your Sky account, we’ll email you to confirm the estimated delivery date once you buy your movie.

    If you’d like us to email you but don’t know which email address is associated with your Sky account, you can add or update it on your Household details page in MySky.

If I buy a movie through Buy & Keep, how can I free up space on my Planner?

  • If you want to free up space on your Sky+HD box, you can archive your Buy & Keep movie by highlighting it and pressing the yellow button. It will show in your Planner and the Purchased tab as archived for you to add back whenever you want by pressing the green button.
Sky Store: What's on?
Sky Store: What's on?

See what's available to buy or rent on Sky Store this month.

What is Sky Store?
What is Sky Store?

The latest blockbusters ready to buy or rent in Sky Store.

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New Buy & Keep

Movies straight to your TV and get the DVD in the post.

Get Sky Store
Get Sky Store

Buy and rent movies direct to a compatible Sky+HD box.

Available with any Sky TV bundle when you connect your Sky+HD box to your broadband.

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