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Sky±HD What's On

Entertainment in HD

  • We're home to the widest range of HD channels in the UK. So whether you're into drama or documentaries, arts or reality TV, you'll find the entertainment you love in stunning high definition with the Family Bundle. Watch out for a brand new series from apocalyptic drama Falling Skies , on FOX HD, while Liev Schreiber continues to bury the scandals of the rich and famous in the new series of Ray Donovan on Sky Atlantic HD. Plus, Nat Geo Wild HD's Hippo Vs Croc explores the relationship between the semi-aquatic beasts.

Sports in HD

  • Get ready for a host of exclusive live action on Sky Sports in July. Gear up for a new Premier League season with the Guinness International Champions Cup. There's live Test cricket in England v India, unrivalled coverage of no less than three Formula 1® Grand Prix races to look forward to, plus European and US PGA Tour Golf.

Movies in HD

  • Get closer to the action with all our Sky Movies channels in stunning HD. Premieres include About Time, a drama starring Rachel McAdams and Margot Robbie, as well as seafaring drama Captain Phillips, with Tom Hanks. Woody Allen's award-winning comedy drama Blue Jasmine, with Cate Blanchett, also premieres this month.

  • HD movie of the month

    Captain Phillips

    Sky Movies Premiere HD

    Showing July

    Watch the biggest and best blockbusters on Sky Movies Premieres HD - enjoy all 11 movies channels in stunning high definition with Sky Movies, the HD Pack and the Family Bundle.

    Tom Hanks plays a beleaguered ship helmer whose US cargo vessel is hijacked by Somalians in this dramatic movie based on a true story.

    Paul Greengrass directs, with newcomer Barkhad Abdi winning a BAFTA for his role as the pirate captain with whom the ship's crew have a tense stand-off.

  • HD entertainment show of the month

    True Blood: The Final Series

    FOX HD

    Starts July

    Tough as nails crime and legal dramas, edgy thrillers and leading cop programmes such as NCIS in stunning high definition, FOX HD has it all - available with the Family Bundle.

    Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer star as a telepathic waitress and a centuries old vampire in this atmospheric award-winning hit, now in its last series, set in America's Deep South.

    It's a world in which vampires have come out of the closet and try to co-exist with humans, who are understandably jittery about living alongside blood suckers. But one young woman proves to be an exception to the rule....

  • HD drama of the month

    Scandal: Series 3

    Sky Living HD

    Starts July

    Enjoy entertainment in glorious high definition with Sky Living HD, available with the Family Bundle.

    All manner of scandals permeate every nook and cranny of Washington in this drama, threatening to derail careers with a punchy headline. In steps former White House aide Olivia Wilde - a fixer who makes problems go away.

    A Discover the secrets and lies as the damage control expert keeps high profile clients out of the spotlight when entanglements unravel and engulf them.

  • HD documentary of the month

    Wild Australia

    Nat Geo Wild HD

    Starts July

    Superb picture quality brings you closer to all of the breathtaking beauty and awe-inspiring nature on Nat Geo Wild.

    Take a journey through the incredible landscapes of dry continent in this four-parter which uses eye-opening techniques including slow-mo footage, time-lapse photography to explore the nation's iconic wildlife.

    Each episode focuses particularly on one animal, with incredible side stories and beautiful landscapes to soak up too.

  • HD kids' show of the month

    The Legend Of Korra

    Nickelodeon HD

    Starts July

    Let the kids' imaginations run riot with their favourite shows in high definition, including hits on Nickelodeon HD. All available with the Family Bundle.

    Animation following Korra, a girl who follows in the footsteps of Aang, 70 years after the events of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

    She travels to Republic City to learn the techniques of 'bending' the elements from Aang's sons and soon finds herself fighting against an anti-bending revolution group.

  • HD sport of the month

    Live Formula 1®

    Throughout July

    All six Sky Sports HD channels give you exclusively live coverage of top sports in crystal-clear high definition. All available when you take Sky Sports, the HD Pack and the Family Bundle.

    Get your fix of Formula 1® this month, with no less than three races to look forward to including the British, German and Hungarian Grand Prix.

    Catch all the practice sessions, qualifying rounds, live races and more with unrivalled coverage on our dedicated F1® channel, as Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg continue their title fight.

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