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Entertainment in HD

  • We're home to the widest range of HD channels in the UK. So whether you're into drama or documentaries, arts or reality TV, you'll find the entertainment you love in stunning high definition with the Family Bundle. Watch out for a brand new series from slick political drama Scandal , on Sky Living HD, while Liev Schreiber continues to bury the scandals of the rich and famous in the new series of Ray Donovan on Sky Atlantic HD. Plus, Discovery HD explores the lives and habits of one of the ocean's most fearsome beasts in Shark Week .

Sports in HD

  • A unrivalled new season of live football kicks off in August. Last season's top four are all in action, kicking off the opening weekend of the Barclays Premier League. Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic head up the tennis US Open, and we're at the Shell Belgian Grand Prix where Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg resume their Formula 1® battle.

Movies in HD

  • Get closer to the action with all our Sky Movies channels in stunning HD. Premieres include the award-winning space spectacular Gravity, with Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, well as fantasy epic Thor: The Dark World with Natalia Portman and Chris Hemsworth. Plus, Bruce Dern and Will Forte star in indie hit Nebraska.

  • HD movie of the month


    Sky Movies Premiere HD

    Showing August

    Watch the biggest and best blockbusters on Sky Movies Premieres HD - enjoy all 11 movies channels in stunning high definition with Sky Movies, the HD Pack and the Family Bundle.

    Sandra Bullock and George Clooney star in the Oscar®-winning sensation about a three-man space crew whose shuttle suffers a catastrophe hundreds of miles above Earth.

    Cast adrift in space, it's a nerve-jangling, breathless race against time to survive.

  • HD entertainment show of the month

    True Blood: The Final Series

    FOX HD

    Mondays, 9pm

    Tough as nails crime and legal dramas, edgy thrillers and leading cop programmes such as NCIS in stunning high definition, FOX HD has it all - available with the Family Bundle.

    Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer star as a telepathic waitress and a centuries old vampire in this atmospheric award-winning hit, now in its last series, set in America's Deep South.

    It's a world in which vampires have come out of the closet and try to co-exist with humans, who are understandably jittery about living alongside blood suckers. But one young woman proves to be an exception to the rule....

  • HD drama of the month

    Scandal: Series 3

    Sky Living HD

    Starts Thursday 31 July, 9pm

    Enjoy entertainment in glorious high definition with Sky Living HD, available with the Family Bundle.

    All manner of scandals permeate every nook and cranny of Washington in this drama, threatening to derail careers with a punchy headline. In steps former White House aide Olivia Wilde - a fixer who makes problems go away.

    Discover the secrets and lies as the damage control expert keeps high profile clients out of the spotlight when entanglements unravel and engulf them. Only this time, she's at the centre of the latest storm...

  • HD documentary of the month

    Shark Week

    Discovery HD

    Starts Sunday 10 August 8pm

    Enjoy Discovery in glorious high definition, with programmes about the wondrous nature of our planet, its history, its future and how mankind has learned to live and evolve with it - all with the Family Bundle.

    Experts scrutinize the many different species of the fearsome predator in this series about all things shark. An investigation delves into a spate of fatalities off the South African coast, while a show explores the top 25 myths about the big beast and there's an exploration to capture evidence of a monster hammerhead rumoured to be up to 25 feet long.

  • HD kids' show of the month

    The Legend Of Korra

    Nickelodeon HD

    Starts July

    Let the kids' imaginations run riot with their favourite shows in high definition, including hits on Nickelodeon HD. All available with the Family Bundle.

    Animation following Korra, a girl who follows in the footsteps of Aang, 70 years after the events of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

    She travels to Republic City to learn the techniques of 'bending' the elements from Aang's sons and soon finds herself fighting against an anti-bending revolution group.

  • HD sport of the month

    Barclays Premier League

    Starting 16 August

    All six Sky Sports HD channels give you exclusively live coverage of top sports in crystal-clear high definition. All available when you take Sky Sports, the HD Pack and the Family Bundle.

    This season, more of the games that matter are on Sky Sports. 49 of the 50 most watched Barclays Premier League games were shown on Sky Sports last season, and we believe 2014/15's fixtures will be just as popular.

    We're kicking off the new season with an opening weekend featuring all of last season's top four live on Sky Sports, your home of football.

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