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  • Stunningly shot dramas. Dazzling documentary footage. HD takes you to the heart of the action with up to five times more picture detail.

    The TV you love, but better. Watch award-winning TV on over 50 HD channels with the Family Bundle. Add the HD Pack to get up to 73 HD channels including all our Sports and Movies channels.

    Discover must-see TV Box Sets with every episode ever. Plus, catch up with the week's best TV from Sky channels, BBC iPlayer, 4oD, and more available in stunning HD on demand.

    Enjoy the action on your Sky Sports and Sky Movies channels up close in amazing HD when you also take the Family Bundle and the HD Pack.

The Family Bundle HD Channels

  • Sky Atlantic HD is home to the most iconic shows on television. From great new dramas to comedy and classic HBO original series, Sky Atlantic HD features the greatest acting, writing and directing talent from TV and film in stunning HD.
  • Sky1 HD leads the way in top entertainment with award-winning original programming plus the best and most popular US dramas and comedies. Spectacular high definition viewing with something for all the family.
  • Sky Living HD features many of the best US entertainment shows, as well as big, brand new British programmes which are even more sensational in stunning HD.
  • Only Discovery Channel HD can bring you closer to the real world, with ground-breaking high definition documentaries guaranteed to enlighten, inspire and entertain.
  • Experience the past brought to life on History HD, with fascinating stories, vividly told in stunning HD pictures and evocative sound.
  • Unforgettable sights, remarkable adventures and challenging explorations – the clarity of high definition makes National Geographic even more exciting.
  • Disney Channel HD brings you the best live action comedy, animation and entertainment, for all the family.
  • Now in stunning HD, Disney XD is the essential destination for boys 6-14, filled with new original animated series, live action comedy, movies and sport, encouraging kids to challenge themselves and discover their strengths.
  • Nickelodeon’s biggest shows look even better in HD. Enjoy a fantastic mix of favourite live action and animated shows including SpongeBob SquarePants, Big Time Rush and much more in stunning high definition.

Sky Sports and Sky Movies HD channels

  • Sky Sports HD

  • All five Sky Sports HD channels give you exclusively live coverage of sports in crystal-clear high definition.
  • Europe's leading 24 hour sports news channel, Sky Sports News HQ HD gets even closer to the breaking headlines in amazing high definition.
  • The new home of Formula 1® in HD, Sky Sports F1® HD will take you under the skin of the sport with every race and each practice and qualifying session live, plus brand new analysis and highlights shows.

    Find out more about Sky Sports F1®
  • Sky Movies HD

  • Enjoy new movie premieres every week in stunning HD, including the biggest and best blockbusters from Hollywood and beyond on Sky Movies Premiere HD. Watch 90 of the top 100 Hollywood box office hits each year.
  • Sky Movies has one home for all its seasons, also showing in high definition. Catch all our specials, box sets and film collections, from the best of a particular film genre to a spotlight on a star, to inspiring directors. We also show films with a theme or the best of the latest blockbusters.
  • Bringing you the biggest movies of all time, Sky Movies Greats HD is the place to find your favourites from way back when to the recent past.
  • Sky Movies Disney HD is dedicated to bringing our customers the magic of much-loved Disney movies. From recent Pixar releases like Monsters University, animated classics like Aladdin, and live action adventures like Oz The Great And Powerful, there's something for the whole family to enjoy.
  • There's high definition rip-roaring fun for all ages on Sky Movies Family HD. That's what makes this the first destination for movie lovers both young and young-at-heart.
  • Sky Movies Action & Adventure HD is a non-stop adrenaline rush of explosive entertainment. From daring rescues to shoot-outs and car chases, high definition brings you closer to the pulse-pounding thrills.
  • Think of Sky Movies Comedy HD as your 24-hour mood lifter in stunning high definition. From the latest Hollywood side splitters to seasons of the classic funny men and women, it’ll tickle your funny bone.
  • Sky Movies Crime & Thriller HD is dedicated to intrigue, danger and suspense in stunning HD. From whodunits to gritty noirs and gangster sagas, this channel is all about edge-of-the-seat plot twists and gripping tales of the underworld.
  • Sky Movies Drama & Romance HD brings you closer to the stirring stories and heart-breaking performances. There's no better selection of tissue-grabbing weepies, powerful period pieces and uplifting epics.
  • Turn down the lights and get even closer to cinema's most fantastic and nightmarish visions with Sky Movies Sci Fi & Horror HD. From the alien and supernatural to the ultimate evil men do - movies that chill while they thrill.
  • Enjoy movies that dare to be different, from the cool and the classy to the edgy and iconic. Discover the most original, provocative and ground-breaking movies from around the world.

Free-to-air HD Channels

  • More of the TV you love in stunning HD

    Enjoy your favourite shows with over 50 HD channels with the Family Bundle, the widest choice of entertainment channels available in high definition in the UK.

    Feel even closer to the action with the latest series of Scandal on Sky Living HD and a new series of dark drama Penny Dreadful now showing on Sky Atlantic HD, which features the best hits from the US as well as home-grown entertainment.

    You can also enjoy the shows you've grown up with on 11 free-to-air high definition channels including BBC One HD, and Channel 4 HD with Sky+HD.

  • Sky Sports and Sky Movies in HD

    Get closer to the action with all seven Sky Sports channels in HD, including Sky Sports F1® HD, for all Family Bundle customers with Sky Sports and the HD Pack.

    See movies come to life in stunning high definition with 11 dedicated channels, as well as hundreds of movies on demand, when you have the Family Bundle, Sky Movies and the HD Pack.

    Plus, enjoy blockbuster movies on Sky 3D, included at no extra cost when you have Sky Movies in HD and a 3D TV.

  • Take control
    of your TV

    Our award-winning Sky±HD box not only brings you Sky TV in high definition when you take the Family Bundle, it also has all the benefits of Sky± so you can pause, rewind, record and store up to 60 hours of your favourite HD TV.

    You'll also have access to TV Box Sets and Catch Up TV from Sky channels, BBC iPlayer and more, when you connect your Sky±HD box to any broadband router.

    There's even 3D entertainment available, depending on your Sky TV bundle. Don't forget, you'll need an HD ready TV to watch in high definition and a 3D TV to watch 3D shows.

    More about the Sky±HD box.

Sky+HD: The facts
Sky±HD: The facts

Find out what you need to get Sky+HD.

Sky+HD: What's on
Sky±HD: What's on

What’s showing on our HD channels this week?

HD Pack
HD Pack

Add the HD Pack to see your Sky Sports and Movies channels in high definition, depending on your TV bundle.

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Buy The Family Bundle

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