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Entertainment and Documentaries in 3D

  • Enjoy an incredible line-up of great entertainment and fascinating documentaries in 3D with the Family Bundle. Among the highlights is Richard E Grant's 7 Deadly Sins which uncovers the origins of the seven cardinal sins, and explores the dramatic effect they have on both humans and the animal kingdom. Plus, discover the extremities and sheer scale of our universe on an awe-inspiring journey into space with Unravelling the Cosmos.

This month's 3D movies highlights

  • Join us this April for more fantastic movies on Sky 3D, including X-Men favourite X-Men: Days of Future Past. Where old and new X-Men unite to take on a common enemy the anti-mutant billionaire scientist Bolivar Trask.

  • Five years after uniting Viking and dragon kind, young hero Hiccup and his scaly best friend take to the air to stop a vengeful warlord from destroying the peace. As the mission unfolds, Hiccup must draw on his bravery to deal with the foes of the present and a daunting future.

Sky 3D: Features
Sky 3D: Features

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Sky 3D: Facts

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