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Entertainment and Documentaries in 3D

  • Enjoy an incredible line-up of great entertainment and fascinating documentaries in 3D with the Family Bundle. Among the highlights is Conquest of the Skies the story of nature's modern day aeronauts and the intricate engineering that has allowed them to conquer the skies. Plus, join UK premiere history presenter, Sir Tony Robinson, in Tony Robinson's World War 1 which allows modern audiences to view war in a completely new way.

This month's 3D movies highlights

  • Join us this February for more fantastic movies on Sky 3D, including Marvel favourite Guardians of the Galaxy. In the far reaches of space a pilot finds himself forced into a truce with a group of misfits after stealing an orb from the villainous Ronan.

  • Bryan Cranston stars as the scientist whose crazy theories about an imminent global disaster are not far wrong. And as his soldier son and other military and scientific minds can see, it's not just Godzilla the world should be worried about.

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Sky 3D: Features

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Sky 3D: Facts

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