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Entertainment and Documentaries in 3D

  • Enjoy an incredible line-up of great entertainment and fascinating documentaries in 3D with the Family Bundle. Among the highlights is Pandas 3D: Back to the Wild which takes a touching look at the work of a panda breeding centre in China as it prepares these highly-endangered animals for life in the wild. Plus, join UK premiere history presenter, Sir Tony Robinson, in Tony Robinson's World War 1 which allows modern audiences to view war in a completely new way.

This month's 3D movies highlights

  • Join us this May for more fantastic movies on Sky 3D, including sequel favourite Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. A growing nation of genetically evolved apes is threatened by human survivors of a devastating virus - but who will emerge as Earths dominant species?

  • A young zebra born with only half his stripes is kicked out of his superstitious herd because of his looks. Determined to prove his worth, he sets off in search of a legendary waterhole he believes could be the answer to his problems.

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Sky 3D: Features

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Sky 3D: Facts

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