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Sky 3D Facts

  • What do I get?

    Unmissable entertainment, bursting out of the screen, into your home. Take the Family Bundle to enjoy shows in amazing 3D.

    For blockbusters in 3D, take Sky Movies and the HD Pack.

  • What do I need?


    The Family Bundle

    Take the Family Bundle to see award-winning documentaries and shows in spectacular 3D.

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    Sky+HD box

    All the flexibility of Sky+, and ready
    for TV in stunning high definition
    and amazing 3D.

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    3D TV

    If you have the Family Bundle, you just need to activate Sky 3D online.

    For blockbusters in 3D, add Sky Movies and the HD Pack.

    Sky 3D works with both Active and Passive 3D TVs. Buy your passive 3D glasses from our accessories page.

Getting set up with Sky 3D

  • How to watch Sky 3D on demand

    First, you need to connect your Sky+HD box to your broadband network. Then, if you haven't done so already, sign in to the Sky 3D activation page and select "Activate Sky 3D".

    1. Once you've completed the above steps, select an on demand section via the 'tv guide' on your Sky remote, e.g. Sky Box Sets.

    2. Use the arrows on your remote to highlight 3D and press 'select'.

    3. Select the 3D programme or movie you'd like to watch.

    4. Your programme will start downloading and, once downloaded, will be available in your Planner.

Once you're set up with Sky 3D

  • How to get the best 3D experience

    Once your 3D content has downloaded and you're ready to experience TV in amazing 3D, switch your 3D TV into 3D mode and pop your 3D glasses on.

    1. Press the 3D button on your TV set or TV remote (not your Sky remote)

    2. Select the Side by Side 3D format.

    3. Don't forget your 3D glasses!

    4. Start playing your downloaded 3D content via your planner to experience TV, like never before, in incredible 3D.

Sky 3D features
Sky 3D: Features

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Sky 3D: What's on
Sky 3D: What's on

See what's showing on Sky 3D this month.

Sky 3D events
Sky+HD box

Find out more about the Sky boxes you need to watch TV in Sky 3D.

Buy The Family Bundle
Buy The Family Bundle

The Family Bundle is £36 a month if you're joining Sky or from £6 extra a month for Sky TV customers who upgrade.

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