• Enjoy the UK's biggest
    Catch Up TV service

    Including BBC iPlayer, ITV on demand,
    All 4, Sky Atlantic and many more.

  • Ways to Watch

    Available with any Sky TV subscription

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  • Getting Catch Up TV is simple

    Catch Up TV comes at no extra cost for all Sky TV customers in line with your TV subscription. Simply connect your compatible Sky+HD box to your broadband router.

    There are three options to set up Sky+ and you can do so with any broadband provider.

    See how to connect

    It's easy to connect your Sky+HD box so that you can start enjoying Catch Up TV.

    Find out how with our simple video.

  • Setting up Sky+ Setting up Sky+
  • Option 1: <br />On Demand Connector Option 1:
    On Demand Connector
  • Option 2: Sky+HD with built-in Wi-Fi Option 2: Sky+HD with built-in Wi-Fi
  • Option 3: <br />Wired connection Option 3:
    Wired connection
  • Now you're connected Now you're connected
  • Setting up Sky+

    It's easy to get started with Sky+. First, you need to check if you have a compatible Sky+HD box.

    Then, press 'tv guide' on your Sky remote and select Catch Up TV. If you're not connected, you'll see a message asking you to connect your Sky+HD box to broadband (like the image on the right).

    Click the tabs above to see the three ways you can connect.

    • Help me set up my on demand service
    • Fix my on demand service
  • Get an On Demand Connector

    If your compatible Sky+HD box and broadband router are in different rooms, or you'd rather avoid wires, you can connect them wirelessly with our On Demand Connector.

    If you are new to Sky TV, or already have one of our newer Sky+HD boxes with built-in Wi-Fi (look for the WPS button), then you won't need one.

    • Get an On Demand Connector
  • Our best ever Sky+HD boxes
    with built-in Wi-Fi

    Our latest boxes mean you can connect to your broadband router simply by pressing the WPS button on your box and your router, or by entering your Wi-Fi password.

    This means that your Sky+HD box and broadband router don’t need to be in the same room.

    • More about the new Sky+HD boxes
    • Find out more about setting up
  • Setting up a wired connection

    If your Sky+HD box is next to your broadband router, you can connect them using a wire.

    All you need is an Ethernet cable, available from Sky or from most electrical shops, and you can start watching even more great entertainment.

    • Get an Ethernet cable
    • Find out more about setting up
  • Now you're connected

    Simply choose Catch Up TV from the Homepage.

    Once you're connected you'll see all the different channels available in Catch Up TV, which you get at no extra cost.

    Now, just download a show and start enjoying the world of on demand entertainment you’ve just opened up.

    Do you need any more help with setting up?

Frequently asked questions

What if I don't have broadband?

  • If you don't have broadband at home, you can still access the pick of the week's TV. Just click on the New & Recommended on your Sky+ Homepage.

    More about Sky Broadband

Can anyone access Catch Up TV?

  • All Sky TV customers with a compatible Sky+HD box can access Catch Up TV in line with their Sky TV subscription.

How do I access Catch Up TV?

  • The latest Sky+HD and Sky+HD 2TB boxes have built-in Wi-Fi capability, which means it's easier and quicker to connect to your broadband router. This means accessing Catch Up TV is much simpler. Alternatively you can use the On Demand Connector to avoid wires, or an Ethernet Cable, available from most electrical shops. The services you can access depend on your Sky TV bundle. Find out more from Help & Support.
What is Catch Up TV?
What is Catch Up TV?

Catch up on the shows you've missed from the last 30 days.

The new Sky+ Homepage
The new Sky+ Homepage

Makes it easier and faster to get to your TV options.

What is the Sky+ App?
What is the Sky+ App?

The Sky+ App is a way for you to record your favourite shows, even if you're out, if you have a compatible device.

Get a Sky+HD box
Get a Sky+HD box

The Sky+HD box is free when you join Sky TV or you can upgrade to our Sky+HD 2TB box.

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