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What's On - The Variety Bundle

This month's top shows

  • The Variety Bundle has a fantastic combination of channels to keep the whole family entertained, with plenty of highlights coming up, including Live Tour de France showing on British Eurosport in July. Look out for Nat Geo Wild's Wild Nile, which explores the iconic river's beasts, from monkeys and giraffes to leopards. Follow the progress of at-risk teens as an intervention shows them the reality of a life inside in the new series of Crime & Investigation's Beyond Scared Straight. Plus, there's great entertainment for kids with shows including Disney sitcom Jessie.

  • This month's channel highlights: Discovery

    Zombie Apocalypse

    Showing July

    The Variety Bundle brings you Discovery, showing programmes about the wondrous nature of our planet, its history, its future and how mankind has learned to live and evolve with it.

    Meet the ordinary people with an extraordinary obsession. They're all preparing for a zombie apocalypse...

    Among the preppers is a mum teaching her two kids to defend themselves while fortifying her home against an attack, while an ex-military firearms instructor loads up on weapons and plots an escape route.

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  • This month's channel highlights: National Geographic Channel

    Die Trying

    Showing July

    National Geographic shows documentaries about a range of incredible subjects, including the amazing worlds of science and nature. The intriguing channel is part of the Variety Bundle.

    Watch some of the world's greatest adventurers push the limits of their abilities, including celebrated climber Alex Honnold who scales Yosemite's Triple Crown - it's nearly 7000 feet of sheer cliff where one slip means certain death.

    Track the daredevil and others as they break records and accomplish the incredible.

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  • This month's channel highlights: Disney Channel


    Now showing

    Disney is packed full with great kids shows you need to keep the youngsters in your life educated and entertained, available with the Variety Bundle.

    Jessie is a fun-loving and friendly 18-year-old Texan with big dreams for a big life in New York.

    Determined to see them all come true, watch the fun and games unfold as she starts life in the Big Apple as a nanny in a multi-million pound penthouse on the Upper West Side.

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  • This month's channel highlights: Nat Geo Wild

    Hippo Vs Croc

    Showing July

    Nat Geo Wild is part of the Variety Bundle and explores the extreme side of the natural world every month.

    Discover how these ferocious beasts co-exist side by side in the same environment. Once a year the pair are forced to go up against each other in a desperate fight for survival.

    Each have their arsenal of defenses, from muscle power to bite force - but which one ends up victorious?

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  • This month's channel highlights: Sky Sports News

    Sports Sunday

    Sundays, 12pm

    Stay in touch with all the news with Sky Sports News and British Europsort. Studio guests join the team for live reports and the latest scores from all the afternoon's sporting events, while British Eurosport is where everyone's favourite is catered for.

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  • This month's channel highlights: History

    Barry'd Treasure

    Starts Tuesday 15 July

    History explores the incredible stories behind many of the world's biggest events and is available with the Variety Bundle.

    Spin-off reality show following Storage Wars star Barry Weiss as he travels round the States going through his unique bucket list.

    In every episode he'll take a sidekick on the ride to share the bizarre journey.

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  • This month's channel highlights: Nickelodeon

    The Legend of Korra

    Showing now

    Your kids are sure to stay out of mischief with Nickelodeon's jam-packed schedule, available with the Variety Bundle.

    Animation following Korra, a girl who follows in the footsteps of Aang, 70 years after the events of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

    She travels to Republic City to learn the techniques of 'bending' the elements from Aang's sons and soon finds herself fighting against an anti-bending revolution group.

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  • This month's channel highlights: MTV Hits

    Official UK Top 40

    Now showing

    Whatever type of music you like, with the Variety Bundle, you’ll always find something to entertain you.

    MTV is the place to be for all the top newest R'n'B, dance, rap, and charts of today. Watch the latest music videos on the top 40 playlist right here.

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  • This month's channel highlights: British Eurosport

    Tour de France 2014

    From Saturday 5 July

    British Eurosport is where you'll find the truly knowledgeable sports fan - with its broad array of sports everyone's favourite is catered for. Get your sporting fix here with the Variety Bundle.

    From the 'grand departure' in Yorkshire to the Champs-Élysées home stretch on 27 July, we're there for all 3,664 kilometres of the epic 21-stage race.

    Team Sky's defending champion Chris Froome hopes to take home the yellow jersey once more, after team mate Sir Bradley Wiggins missed out on the nine-man roster.

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  • This month's channel highlights: Crime & Investigation Network

    Beyond Scared Straight: Series 5

    Showing July

    Not afraid to push the boundaries of TV and where it may lead, Crime & Investigation Network shows dark corners of society that otherwise would be left untouched. The channel comes with the Variety Bundle.

    Track the progress of more at-risk youngsters as they are given a taste of life behind bars in the latest series of the life-changing intervention show.

    Each episode focuses on four or five teens, before, during and after their time on the programme in different prisons. Will they grab a second chance with both hands?

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