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What's On - The Variety Bundle

This month's top shows

  • The Variety Bundle has a fantastic combination of channels to keep the whole family entertained, with plenty of highlights coming up, including Discovery's Running Wild With Bear Grylls, which follows six celebrities as they take on a survival challenge with the wild man. Meanwhile Live Africa Cup of Nations is set to begin, hosted by Equatorial Guinea, plus, there's more entertainment for kids with shows including Nick Toons hit Kung Fu Panda and Nickelodeon's Sam & Cat.

  • This month's channel highlights: Discovery

    Gold Rush

    Showing now

    The Variety Bundle brings you Discovery, showing programmes about the wondrous nature of our planet, its history, its future and how mankind has learned to live and evolve with it.

    Follow the gold diggers as they attempt to hit the motherlode in Alaska, where the shiny stuff was first discovered in the 19th century. Will any of the guys find their fortune?

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  • This month's channel highlights: National Geographic Channel

    Air Crash Investigation: Series 13

    Starts January

    National Geographic shows documentaries about a range of incredible subjects, including the amazing worlds of science and nature. The intriguing channel is part of the Variety Bundle.

    Track the investigation of infamous plane disasters as experts explore what went wrong and how such tragedies can be prevented from happening again.

    With eye witnesses recounting the horrific events, plus several episodes focusing on accidents involving celebrities.

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  • This month's channel highlights: Disney Channel

    Austin & Ally

    Starts January

    Disney is packed full with great kids shows you need to keep the youngsters in your life educated and entertained, available with the Variety Bundle.

    Two very different and talented teens join forces to create a musical sensation in this series. Austin is a extroverted musician and singer, while Ally is a shy songwriter and together they create a musical extravaganza.

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  • This month's channel highlights: Nat Geo Wild

    Epic Predator Fails

    Starts January

    Nat Geo Wild is part of the Variety Bundle and explores the extreme side of the natural world every month.

    What happens when the world's top hunters misjudge their prey? This series tracks the moment when the catch of the day eludes those predators.

    From piglets escaping from lions to an eagle trying to carry away a flamingo...

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  • This month's channel highlights: Sky Sports News HQ

    Sports Sunday

    Sundays, 12pm

    Stay in touch with all the news with Sky Sports News and British Eurosport. Studio guests join the team for live reports and the latest scores from all the afternoon's sporting events, while British Eurosport is where everyone's favourite is catered for.

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  • This month's channel highlights: History


    Starts January

    History explores the incredible stories behind many of the world's biggest events.

    Game show pitting store owner Rick Harrison against some smart alecs who think they know their history. He puts his reputation and his goods on the line as a host ask questions about historical items in his stock as featured in Pawn Stars. And there's a cash prize for the lucky know-it-all.

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  • This month's channel highlights: Nickelodeon

    Sam & Cat

    Coming soon

    Your kids are sure to stay out of mischief with Nickelodeon's jam-packed schedule, available with the Variety Bundle.

    iCarly meets Victorious in this spin-off/sequel, with Sam Puckett and Cat Valentine returning to our screens to form the new American sitcom.

    After meeting in bizarre circumstances involving a garbage truck, the two girls form an alliance and become roommates, before starting a babysitting business which will rake in some extra laughs as well as cash.

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  • This month's channel highlights: MTV Hits

    Official UK Top 40

    Now showing

    Whatever type of music you like, with the Variety Bundle, you’ll always find something to entertain you.

    MTV is the place to be for all the top newest R'n'B, dance, rap, and charts of today. Watch the latest music videos on the top 40 playlist right here.

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  • This month's channel highlights: British Eurosport

    Australian Tennis Open

    Showing January

    British Eurosport is where you'll find the truly knowledgeable sports fan - with its broad array of sports everyone's favourite is catered for. Get your sporting fix here with the Variety Bundle.

    Live ATP tennis action as Stan Wawrinka looks to defend his title in the 103rd edition of the tournament at Melbourne Park.

    Tune in for top coverage of singles, doubles, mixed, wheelchair and quads action on the hard courts. All in the sizzling Aussie-summer heat on Eurosport.

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  • This month's channel highlights: CI

    On the Case with Paula Zahn

    Starts Thursday 15 January, 11pm

    Not afraid to push the boundaries of TV and where it may lead, CI shows dark corners of society that otherwise would be left untouched. The channel comes with the Variety Bundle.

    Emmy award-winning American journalist Paula Zahn explores the devastating crimes which hit the headlines in this compelling series.

    Watch riveting interviews with the people connected to the tragic events and follow the investigation as it attempts to reveal the truth.

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