• Extend your Wi-Fi signal even further
    with a Sky Wireless Booster

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Sky Wireless Booster

  • Our Sky Wireless Booster extends the Wi-Fi signal to help Sky Broadband customers get online in an area of the home you may not have been able to before.

    It's designed to work best with the Sky Hub and other Sky Wireless 'N' routers. If you don't have either, we recommend upgrading to the Sky Hub first, as this uses our most up-to-date technology to provide a great wireless range.

    Your home environment may affect the range of your Wi-Fi signal.

    Get help setting up

    Watch our handy video (right) or read our Help article on how to set up the Sky Wireless Booster.

  • Extend the wireless signal in your home

    • Can help provide a Wi-Fi signal in a blackspot
    • Connect to the Sky Hub at the touch of a button with Wi-Fi Protected Set up (WPS)
    • Works best with the Sky Hub and Wireless 'N' routers
    • Sky TV customer? Watch must-see shows on Sky Go in another room
  • What do I need?


    Active Sky Broadband

    Sky Broadband will need to be up and running first, before you can buy and use the Sky Wireless Booster within the home.

    Sky Hub

    The Sky Wireless Booster is designed to work best with the Sky Hub or any Wireless 'N' router. If you don't have either, we recommend upgrading to the Sky Hub first.

Frequently asked questions

How does a Sky Wireless Booster work?

  • The Sky Hub and Sky Wireless Booster broadcast and extend Wi-Fi signals around the home so you can connect your devices and get online. These two pieces of kit use the same Wi-Fi channels in the home and therefore share the same available bandwidth.

What's a Wi-Fi blackspot?

  • Some homes have a Wi-Fi blackspot, an area of a home where the Wi-Fi signal does not reach. A Sky Wireless Booster can help eliminate a blackspot.

Will a Sky Wireless Booster affect my broadband speed?

  • As your Sky Hub and Sky Wireless Booster are sharing Wi-Fi channels, you will find that in a non-blackspot area close to your Sky Wireless Booster, your broadband speeds are slower.

Will the Sky Wireless Booster increase the Wi-Fi bandwidth available in my home?

  • No, the booster will use some of the available bandwidth to provide a signal in the blackspot.

Will I need to set up the Sky Wireless Booster every time I switch it on?

  • No, you only need to set it up once. You can then switch off and move it around if required to find the best location and switch on only when required. This will prevent unnecessary Wi-Fi use, potential speed degradation and help save energy.
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Buy a Sky Hub

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Help & Support
Help & Support

We're here to help with any of your Sky Wireless Booster questions.

Buy a Wireless Booster
Buy a Sky Wireless Booster

Existing Sky Broadband customers only. £20 plus £2.18 postage and packaging.

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