• Sky Yahoo Mail

    Keep your world connected,
    wherever you are.

The smart way to stay connected

With Sky Yahoo Mail, it's easy to keep in touch, prioritise work, check messages and even organise family events - wherever you are.

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Simple to set up

It's easy to transfer your contacts over and set Sky Yahoo Mail to show emails from other accounts so you can see all your messages in one place.

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Mail on the move

Don't lose touch when you're out and about. Set up Sky Yahoo Mail on your phone so you can reach your mail anytime, anywhere.


Looking for your mailbox?

Sign in to read your mail or set up a new Sky Yahoo Mail account here.

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Easy, manageable email

With tabs, folders and filters, the simple layout makes emailing a breeze.

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Unlimited storage

Keep hold of your memories. You can store as many messages, photos and videos as you like.

Photos and videos in an instant

Sky Yahoo Mail automatically detects photos and videos so you can view them right from your inbox.

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Smart search and filters

Find and manage your emails with powerful tools like filters and advanced searching.