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Problems downloading Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation through Sky Store | 24 November 2015

If you've pre-ordered Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation through Sky Store, it may not be downloaded to your Sky box due to a technical problem with our system and we're sorry for any inconvenience caused. To resolve this problem simply re-download the movie by following the steps below:

Using your Sky remote:

  1. Press TV guide, use the arrow keys to highlight Planner then press select.
  2. Use the arrow keys to highlight Purchased from the menu.
  3. Use the arrow keys to highlight the title in the Planner and press the right arrow button
  4. Press the yellow button on your Sky remote to delete the title.
  5. Once the title has been deleted, press TV Guide, use the arrow keys to select Sky Store, find the title and download it again.

You can also restore the title by visiting If you need any help with this, please follow this link and contact us.

Last updated: 15:45



Changes to Channel 5 | 20 November 2015

Channel 5 will be making some changes which will affect future Sky+ recordings and series links on the channel. If you live in Scotland, Northern Ireland, the North of England or London and you have recordings scheduled on Channel 5, you need to make a few quick changes on the afternoon of the date specified otherwise, recordings set for programmes on Channel 5 will be unsuccessful.   

Read our article Changes to Channel 5 for more details.

Last updated: 14:10




Problems watching music channels on older Sky boxes | 19 November 2015
If you own one of our older Sky boxes and you tried to watch music channels, your picture may have frozen and the sound may not match the channel. The problem affected the following music channels:
MTV (channel 220), MTV+1 (channel 270), MTV Music (channel 350), MTV Base (channel 351), MTV Hits (channel 352), MTV Dance (channel 353), MTV Rocks (channel 354), MTV Xmas (channel 355), VH1 (channel 356) and VIVA (channel 357).
Latest news: we're pleased to confirm this issue has now been resolved.

Last updated: 09:55