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Sky 3D Broadcast Service Changes | 01 July 2014


From today, we're announcing changes to the way we operate our Sky 3D channel. During the week (Mon-Thurs), Sky 3D will now operate at peak times between 7pm - 1am.  Over weekends (Fri - Sun), we'll be on-air as normal between 9am and 1am. We're making these changes to better reflect demand for our 3D channel. Customers will still be able to record programming and watch these back at any time during the day.


If you'd like to find out more information about this change, please visit our customer news page.


Last updated: 16:43



A message regarding the ‘GOZeuS’ virus threat | 3 June 2014  

You may be aware of recent media coverage about an internet virus called ‘GOZeuS’. This malware is hidden within email attachments and can be used to collect personal information such as bank account details.  We are working with the relevant authorities and with other service providers to monitor the situation. 


All Sky Broadband customers are offered a free trial of McAfee Internet Security Suite and our own Sky Broadband Shield at no extra cost to help protect your home from malware-infected phishing sites.  

We're advising customers to visit our online safety centre to find out how set up strong defences against criminals who use viruses to commit fraud and identity theft.

Last updated: 19:50



Important Product Safety Information about your Sky products  | 15 May 2014


Our quality checking process has identified a possible safety issue with the power adaptor that was included with our On Demand Connector and our Sky Wireless Booster products. This issue only affects a very small number of units, but if you have one or both of them in your home it's important to carry out the steps below to identify whether the fault exists:

  • Switch off the electricity at the wall socket.
  • If you don’t have a switch at the wall socket, please turn off your electricity at the mains. If you are concerned about doing this then please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.
  • Carefully unplug the power adaptor from the wall socket.
  • If the power adaptor feels loose or starts to come apart while you’re unplugging it, then please check again that you have switched the electricity off at the wall socket or the mains.
  • Once you’ve removed the power adaptor please check to see if it has both screws fully inserted. If one or both screws are missing, do not plug the adaptor back in.

If you find that the adaptor is missing one or both screws, or you have any concerns then please contact us immediately.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you, but customer safety is our primary concern. 


Last updated: 15:00