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Ways to watch

Sky 3D

Action that bursts out of the screen. Sky 3D brings you
ground-breaking documentaries, incredible entertainment,
the latest Hollywood blockbusters and a selection of
sports events.


  • Ireland’s only dedicated 3D TV channel
  • The excitement of the cinema at home with 3D movies
  • A variety of great 3D entertainment
  • Available to HD Pack customers in line with any TV bundle and a
    3D TV, at no extra cost

Get Sky 3D

€0 a month

With any Sky TV bundle and the HD Pack
from €43 a month


Looking to join Sky?

Get started here

  • Call a Sky adviser on 0818 719 852
  • Store locator. Find a Sky store in your area

Free Sky+HD box
with free standard set-up

When you join Sky TV with the HD Pack
(€10 extra a month). 


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What you can watch on Sky 3D


Enjoy edge-of-the-seat entertainment in incredible 3D. Enjoy access when you have one of our Sky TV bundles and the HD Pack.

Cirque Du Soleil: Worlds Away

Andrew Adamson presents this masterpiece about a woman who is infatuated by a trapeze artist and decides to follow him and his circus troupe. Featuring breathtaking acrobatics collected from the most scintillating moments from several incredible Cirque du Soleil shows.

Showing October


The Bachelor King With David Attenborough

David Attenborough narrates a stunning and dramatic look at a penguin's battle to survive, find love and raise a family in the unforgiving Antarctic.

Showing October


Storm Surfers

Surfing legends Ross Clarke-Jones and Tom Carroll chase giant storms across the Great Southern Ocean, riding some of the biggest and deadliest waves in Australia.

Showing October



Front-row action with some of your favourite sports in 3D, including at least two live Barclays Premier League matches every week  Enjoy access when you have the Sky Sports and the HD Pack.

Carl Froch v Lucien Blute Highlights

Carl Froch's championship fight against Lucian Bute for the IBF Super Middleweight title at Nottingham's Capital FM Arena.

Showing September


F1: Barcelona Testing Highlights

Relive the third and final winter testing session from Barcelona ahead of the 2013 Formula 1® season. Drivers and engineers gain valuable data on their car's performance ahead of the new season.

Showing September


Super League Gold: Grand Final 2012 Highlights

Wigan Warriors face Warrington Wolves at Old Trafford in the 2013 Super League Grand Final. The Warriors beat Leeds in the semi-finals while Warrington saw off Huddersfield.

Showing August



Bring the cinema to your living room and share the excitement of 3D movies with the whole family. Enjoy access when you have Sky Movies and the HD Pack.

Thor: Dark World

Faced with the warlord Malekith, Thor must embark on his most perilous and personal journey yet forcing him to sacrifice everything in order to save humanity. Starring Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman.

Showing October


Walking With Dinosaurs

Join us for an incredible 3D journey back in time when Dinosaurs ruled the land with Walking With Dinosaurs.

Showing October


Tinkerbell & The Pirate Fairy

Join Tinkerbell and her friends as they take on a thrilling mission to get back their stolen blue pixie dust in this new Disney favourite. Featuring the voices of Christina Hendricks and Tom Hiddleston.

Showing October


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Sky 3D in detail

What do I need to get Sky 3D?

To watch Sky 3D, you'll need a Sky+HD box with any Sky TV bundle and the HD Pack, plus a 3D TV. The content you will receive will depend on your subscription.

To watch Sky 3D movies or a selection of sports events, you'll need to add Sky Movies and/or Sky Sports with the HD Pack and a 3D TV.

What is Sky 3D?

Sky 3D is Europe’s first dedicated 3D TV channel, bringing you the same incredible 3D experience you’d get at the cinema, in the comfort or your own home.

What can I watch on Sky 3D?

Watch a selection of sports events, blockbuster movies, unmissable entertainment and ground-breaking documentaries, bursting out of the screen and into your living room, depending on your TV bundle.


You will need:

  • A Sky+HD box
  • Any TV bundle with the HD Pack
  • A 3D TV

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Make it even better

Sky Multiscreen

  • Keep the whole family entertained with different channels in different rooms at the same time
  • One HD Pack covers all HD ready boxes in the home
  • Free Sky HD Multiscreen box

Sky+HD 2TB box

  • Enough storage space for up to 350 hours of HD TV
  • Pause, rewind and record live TV
  • Access to TV on demand

Frequently asked questions More FAQs

  • What's the difference between Active & Passive 3D?

    There are two ways to watch 3D TV - Active and Passive. Active and Passive 3D refers to both the type of glasses you have to wear to watch 3D, and the 3D ready TV you are using.

    Active glasses contain LCD lenses that alternately 'block out' each eye depending on whether the left or right image is being displayed on the screen. They are referred to as active because they require a battery to operate the LCD lenses.

    Passive glasses do not require any power to operate them. They use polarisation to separate out the left and right image, then work with polarised TVs that deliver two images to the viewer. The TVs have a filter integrated into the screen, and when switched into 3D mode, the filter orientates the light emitting from the screen differently for the left and right image. Passive is the type of technology you may have seen in the cinema.

  • How can I watch Sky 3D at home?

    If you are an existing HD customer with a 3D TV you can activate Sky 3D now.

    If you are not an HD customer you can upgrade your viewing package so that you are eligible to receive Sky 3D.

    If you are not a Sky TV customer, join Sky with any TV bundle and the HD Pack and activate Sky 3D.

    > More about Sky 3D

  • Where can I see Sky 3D in pubs?

    Sky 3D is showing a selection of sports events in pubs and bars around Ireland. To find your nearest 3D pub or bar please visit our Sky 3D pub finder.

  • Am I able to record 3D programmes?

    Yes - all the usual Sky+ features that you know and love are available on the Sky 3D channel.

  • Can I watch 3D in another room with Sky Multiscreen?

    Yes, as long as the box in the second room is a Sky+HD or SkyHD box and you are subscribed to the HD Pack as well as any TV bundle, you will be able to watch Sky 3D on a 3D ready TV in another room with Sky Multiroom.

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Reasons to join or switch to Sky

12 month standard contract


Professional and fuss-free installation


Switching to Sky
is easy


Even more reasons to choose Sky


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