There's no limit to the cashback you can earn

  • When you introduce a friend to Sky TV, we’ll give you both €50 cashback to spend however you want – maybe on something for your home, or a meal out so you can chat about the shows you love on Sky.

    You can introduce as many friends as you like, so there’s no limit to the cashback you could earn.

  • Ask your friend to call

    Just ask your friend to join Sky TV by calling 0818 716 011, quoting 'Introduce a friend online'.

  • Share customer details

    Please ensure your friend has your full name, address and 12-digit account number to hand when they call.

  • Claim your €50 cashback

    Once your friend's Sky TV is up and running, we'll send you a number to call to claim your €50 cashback.


  • I'm already with Sky

    How many friends can I introduce to Sky TV?

    • You can introduce as many friends as you like. As a Sky TV customer you'll get €50 cashback for each friend who joins Sky TV through Introduce a Friend.

  • When can I claim my reward?

    • If your friend has joined Sky through Introduce a Friend, then we'll send you a letter inviting you to claim your €50 cheque when their Sky TV has been installed and we've got their first subscription payment. You have 90 days from the date of that letter to claim your reward.

  • My friend has joined but I haven't received a letter

    • If we've got your friend's first Sky TV subscription payment and you haven't had a letter about your reward, please let us know.

      Remember, your friend must have joined through Introduce a Friend, by calling the phone number on the Sky Introduce a Friend leaflet you got, or that's listed on the Sky Ireland Introduce a Friend webpage.

  • When will my reward arrive?

    • After your friend has made their first subscription payment, we'll send you a letter explaining how to claim your reward. Your reward will arrive by post within 45 days.

  • What if my reward doesn't arrive?

    • If you've claimed your €50 cashback but it hasn't arrived within 45 days, please let us know by calling 0818 719 313.

  • Is there any other reward?

    • No. The reward is €50 cashback.

  • I want to join Sky

    How do I join Sky TV with the Introduce a Friend offer?

    • Simply call 0818 716 011 quoting “Introduce a Friend online” with the name and account number of your friend who's already with us. We'll help you choose the Sky TV bundle that suits you.

  • Am I eligible for this offer?

    • You must be a brand new Sky TV customer and your friend needs to be a current Sky TV customer.

  • Is there any other reward?

    • No. If you live in Ireland, you'll get €50 cashback, a free Sky+ box with free standard set-up when you join Sky TV from €28 a month, through introduce a Friend.

  • Can I introduce friends too?

    • Yes, once you've joined Sky TV. We'll send you €50 cashback for every friend you successfully introduce to Sky TV.

  • Can I join online through Introduce a Friend?

    • If you live in Ireland, you can only join through Introduce a Friend by calling 0818 716 011, quoting “Introduce a Friend online” with the name and account number of your friend who's already with Sky.

Here's the legal bit

Introduce a Friend offer

Introduce a Friend Offer: This offer does not apply to new customer getting Sky TV via any other means, e.g. through a retail outlet. Following your first subscription payment, a €50 cheque will be sent within 45 days. Limited to one €50 cheque per new customer household.

You must remain an active subscriber to qualify. Unless otherwise stated in this ad, this offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Offer excludes Sky group employees and agents and cannot be offered commercially. Offer may not be available if the new customer you refer lives in an apartment.


Subject to status. Upfront payment may be required. 12 month minimum subscriptions. Prices may go up during your subscription. Non-standard set-up may cost extra. Prices may vary if you live in a flat. Sky functionality requires two satellite feeds.

You must get any consents required (e.g. landlord's). Prices for Direct Debit payments only. Continuous debit/credit card mandate costs €0.75 pm. Republic of Ireland residential customers only. These offers are not available with any other offers. Further terms apply. Correct at 23 April 2014. Read the full text of our customer contracts.

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